Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tea Time & Roses

Come and share a spot of tea . . .
My home is warm, my friendship free.

I l♥ve tea! I l♥ve tea cups!
and . . . these are my favorites!
 {Pic is my beautiful Mother & Father on their wedding day}

My Mom gave me these beautiful Moss Rose tea cups and lunch plates for my 40th birthday. She knew how much I loved them. They are even more special to me because they are from her!

The orchid here and in the pic above was a gift from my cousin Anna to my Father a year ago. My Father is 98 and said to me, "You better take this home, I won't be able to keep it alive!" Now I have desperately tried to grow orchids before but to no avail. I can't keep them alive either! Well, miracle here, it is alive and blooming! I can hardly believe it! I've been afraid to look at it. Apparently it loves
the lack of attention!

Wishing you could all come for tea!

Remember to count your blessings ~

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Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

Beautiful tea time vignette. I love moss rose dishes. ~~Sherry~~

h. rae said...

Love your photos, Saralee! Your parents were a handsome couple!

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

It is nice to meet another Princess; my father is the King of Kings too.;) I love teacups also, come and visit my blog for more teacups.
Hugs ~*~Wendy~*~

Anonymous said...

You brought up some very special memories of our sweet Mom! She loved Tea Time also, and had a beautiful collection of gorgeous Tea Cups! I miss her so much!

♥ Ellie